Contract Mobile Internet / Contrato Internet móvel





3 Meses Grátis!

3 Months Free!


- Required document, photo of ZairyuCard front and back or Japanese habilitation front and back.

- 100% guaranteed approval according to the terms below.




Monthly payment ¥4.980

1- After sending the document sendt the device will be GL10P rented the appliance is running.

2- Shipping will be by takkyubin sagawa, charging the initial fees described below.

3- The model of the rented appliance is GL10P.

4- Japan-wide LTE 4G Signal, With 110Mbps speed.

(Maximum speed of an ADSL is only 47Mbps)

5- 100GB monthly data transfer plan.

(Usually the phones are only 7GB)

6- Extremely prohibited the use of Torrents, or similar programs, because the signal will be cut off.

7- The monthly fee will be sent to be paid in cash at any convenience store.

8- You must leave the name on the mailbox to receive the invoice.

(If the invoice returns to the company, the signal will be cut in 3 days after the notice sent by SMS)

9- The rented appliance must be returned by the user in good conditions of use, on behalf of the user.

10- The user has a deadline of 3 days to claim signal malfunction.

11- The appliance can be replaced at any time when the appliance stops working for technical reasons. (Drop safety seal may not be broken)




Contract rate ¥1.500

Chip activation rate ¥3.000

Device insurance ¥2.900

(The insurance covers risks, does not cover any accidents that do not leave us usable or losses)

Rent of the GL10P ¥3.000

(For indeterminate time, while using the signal)


Contract Time

Minimum of 6 months of use.


Signal Blocking

15 days late in the monthly payment the signal will be cut.

(Validate the legal clause)


Signal Reactivation

A new Chip will be sent, by takkyubin being charged:

Chip reactivation rate ¥ 6,000 + takkyubin rate.



The user has 10 days to return the device.

All items that have been shipped must be returned. (GL10P + Chip + Cables)

The value of the device is ¥ 24,000.



If the appliance is not returned within 30 days, it will be passed to the legal sector (Law Firm), being charged the full value of the device of ¥ 24,000.